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STARTING SOLIDS: Top Ways To Stay Safe



If you are starting solids with your little one and are concerned about choking, you are not alone. Choking appears to be the number one fear among parents when wanting to start their baby on solids. This eBook will provide you with the correct information and knowledge to help alleviate some of the fear and anxiety. This includes:


-Understanding the difference between "choking" and "gagging"

-Being informed about safe food sizes & textures to offer your baby

-Learning about what foods to avoid & how to modify and serve potential choking hazards safely

- Knowing how to respond if your baby chokes

-Safety checklist


**This guide includes a section on "how to offer foods," with pictures and detailed explanations, showing how to cut and serve each food from the high-risk category.


"@nourishedstarts helped me out so much with

Beckham's blw journey, and now she's releasing ebooks with so much information! Everything you need to know about starting solids with your baby is in this guide!!"


~ Sienna


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